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At ASE, we maintain our focus on giving customers a superior finished product at the best possible pricing and we realize the task of equipping your department needs with a budget of limited funds.

ASE's professional & skilled staff can customize a "Top Notch" cruiser with premium equipment or we can change the manufacturer in order to save money and stay within your budget.

Our Company proudly serves Police and Sheriffs departments in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and we've been doing it for over 28 years! We are trusted by the best in this business! Our installations include vehicles that cost over 3 million dollars!

We have been told by others in our line of business that we show a care for the customer that they wish they had. ASE is regularly contracted by other service and installation companies to do their work and we never let them down!

Many of the manufacturers have found that they are spending major dollars sending their techs all over the country making repairs on bad installations. ASE has been contracted by many companies to do ALL of their installations which has had us traveling the country coast to coast and out of the country to Canada and South Africa.

The staff at ASE will earn your trust and gain your confidence. Give us a call today......YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID!